INEXT SF6 switch - disonnector for aerial lines


Rated Voltage: 24kV to 36kV
Rated Current: 400A to 630A

INEXT are on-load disconnectors, to be used outdoor, which carry out the breaking operation in an SF6 atmosphere, hence becoming insensitive to any eventual climatic and/or environmental condition, such as ice, wind, rain or industrial pollution.

Their operation may be accomplished in a manual or motorized way. Manual operation may be carried out by means of a simple stick or by means of a MM type control. Motorized switches may also be operated by a manual way stick.

The switch-disconnector is lodged inside a stainless steel housing fully immersed in SF6 gas. It is endowed with a silicon-rubber bushing, for aerial-line conductor connections.

The bushing inner conductor is solid electrolytic copper with its free end silver-plated.



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