INAEL Automatic Electronic Sectionalizer (AES)


Temporary self-clearing faults account for more than 90% of total faults in distribution electrical networks. These faults clear, without external intervention. In particular, there is no need to permanently trip the faulted line.and avoiding ...

  • Labour cost (operators have to locate and replace the fused element).
  • Replacement cost (Typically the cost of a new fuse element).
  • Cost of energy non-supplied during the interruption.
  • Penalties and reduction in service quality indicators.

The automatic electronic sectionaliser (AES) is a key element for improving service quality and operational profitability.

The AES discriminates between permanent and temporary faults (faults that are spontaneously cleared without intervention and do not require opening of the line). It has been demonstrated that more than 90% of distribution network faults (typically a tree branch short circuiting on phase to ground and disappearing after the first reclose operation). Today these faults lead to fuse blow-up, unnecessarily opening the line and interupting service, which cause service quality indicators to plummet the AES is endowed with a local intelligence capable of deciding upon the nature of the fault, it only opens the line and interrupts service when due to a permanent nature of the fault, this action is absolutely unavoidable.

  • Optimal electronic protection- no replaceable elements.
  • Fully compatible with ceramic and polimeric bases by any manufacturer
  • Single-pole and electronic three-pole versions (No mechanical junctions between phases)
  • Remote communication and directional fault detection capabilities.

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