11kV - 33kV 600 Amp Air Break Switch
Unitised Rocking Post Isolator --- ED33V4


The construction of our Air Break Switches consists of a rigid spar frame with removable poles. The rigidity in the high strength spar prevents flexing in the switch frame, providing reliable long term contact alignment.

Each switch is supplied partially assembled and factory set up for final assembly and installation on site and also fitted with lifting eyes to assist with easy installation.

Our Factory-tested design has undergone 2000+ operations without requiring re-adjustment of the contact assemblies or bearing points. The need to regularly re-adjust contact alignments has been eliminated.

11kV Air Break Switch 33kV Load Break Switch

The air break switches can be fully welded or have adjustable phase poles.

We can supply voltage ratings of 11kV, 22kV or 33kV, the option to have flickers is rated at 600amp with optional load breaks.

We manufacture our ABS's to the customers requirements if you require them to be longer, shorter, vertical or any other configuration, please contact us to discuss.

Type tested to BS 5253: 1990 (IEC 129: 1984)


Voltage 11 , 22 or 33kV Continuous
Lightning Impulse 210 Kv
Current 600 amp single flexible continuous
Fault 13.1kA for 1 second (33 kA peak)
  Power frequency Withstand Test Voltages Power frequency – wet: 100kV, Lightning Impulse- Dry: 210kV
  Creepage Distances  
    Total creepage distance 690mm
    Protected creepage 140mm
    Flashover 405mm
Minimum Failing Loads  
  Cantilever 1.8kN
  Torsion 300Nm
  Tension 25kN
Phase Centres 1000mm and 1300mm standard or to requirement
Main Items Twin Bolt (NEMA) terminals, tin plated
Stainless steel flicker arc horns
Silver Plated Cu contacts of V design
Intermediate pipe guide for 25 NB pipe and bottom handle
Options 600 amp load break heads with Kearney or Duo-gaps
Pole top mounting
Raised feet
1.6m long equal spacing
Dropout fuses



Unitised Frame Design
(Fully welded one-piece frame)
Rigidity - Reduce flexing of switch frame providing reliable long term contact alignment.
Ease of installation - Switch supplied fully assembled and factory set up for immediate installation and use.
(Have been installed within 30 minutes).

Ease of live line installation (one-piece lift).
6mm bearing surface to prevent seizing of moving parts.
Structure steel is hot dipped, galvanised mild steel.
Customised Frame Design
(Both Unitised and Demountable designs can be customised to customer requirements).
Packaging – Fully assembled.
Pole Spacing - Fully adjustable phase spacing.
Set-up - Contact alignment is factory set.
Operation - Square axle provides full adjustment of operating lever position relative to pole.
Installation - Switch frame can be installed independently and switch poles mounted individually.
Frame Construction
High Strength Spar (100x100x3mm)
Range of options to date include :
• Various spar lengths
• Various spar mounting hole configurations
• Various phase pole spacing
• Special earthing tags
• Special mounting feet/brackets
• Lifting lugs
• Extended axle
• Vertical mount
• Special handle design
• Line strain point on end of pole base
• Fuse mounting brackets

Eliminates flexing due to pole movement or cross arm warping.
Enables line termination through dead end mounted directly onto spar.
Provides sufficient strength to enable ABS to be mounted directly to the pole as a cross-arm.
Pole Construction
Strong Switch Pole Base (75x40mm)

Eliminates the need to regularly re-adjust contact alignment.
Strong enough to support line strain point or additional equipment mounting.
Factory Tested Design
2000+ Operations without re-adjustment of contact assemblies or bearing points)
Proven long reliable switch life.
Insulator Construction Ceramic
New Zealand Manufactured

Contact Assembly Construction

  Silver plated contacts
  Plate and Bronze castings

  Flexible conductor
  150mm2 double insulated

Improved electrical performance.
  • 600A continuous rating with flicker arc breaks
One piece plated bronze contact mounted casting bolted directly onto insulator.
Type Tested Tested designs to IEC 129:1984
BS 5253:1990
Fault level 15 kA / 1 sec
Test Results • Power Frequency 28/32kV
• Thermal Rating 600A
• Short Time Rating 250MVA for 1 second
• Contacts are 25 micron Tin plated to prevent corrosion
• Contacts are 5 micron Silver-plated

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