Elspec LV Power Factor Cabinets


A world leading optimal solution for electrical energy savings and power quality solutions. The Equalizer is the world's fastest real-time power quality enhancement system, which optimizes power factor correction, energy savings, voltage support, harmonic filtration, and more, for a variety of dynamic loads.


A superior cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks. Activar offers fast compensation, an unlimited number of transient free operations and unique self-testing and comprehensive reporting features.

  • Power Factor Cabinets
  • Strong ridged construction
  • Transient-free switching
  • Harmonic Filtration
  • Accurate power factor control even with harmonics present
  • Expandable as your business grows
  • High Speed
  • Lockable Doors
  • Low Maintenance
  • On site commissioning
  • High Quality Capacitors
  • Built to New Zealand Electrical Standards

Elspec G4400 Black Box

Digital Fault Recorder
Power Quality Analyser
Class A Power Quality Meter
Revenue Grade Energy Meter.

The revolutionary Elspec G4000 BLACKBOX is the next generation in power quality analyzers.
The G4K provides accurate detection and isolation of power quality monitoring for effective preventive maintenance.
No Triggers/No Thresholds meaning no missed events. The G4k records all network parameters for up to a year.

The Future of Power Quality

  • 1 Year + onboard recording of all parameters at up to 1024 samples per cycle resolution.
  • Definitive root cause analysis assisting in reoccurrence prevention.
  • Reduce operation costs and downtime.
  • Optimize network utilisation.
  • Save money.

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