Fault Indicators

Mahanga Holdings Limited provide fault indicators to many distribution companies throughout New Zealand and believe that value for money, these are the best fault indicators on the market.

The Fisher Pierce Series 1548 Faulted Circuit Indicator is a single phase overhead device used to assist in locating distribution faults. The 1548 can be used for locating permanent or temporary fault events. Options are available to incorporate a low power, unlicensed transmitter for wireless fault indicator status.

When the indicator(s) is activated by fault current, an encoded message is transmitted periodically to a hand held receiver. Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) receiver or Fisher Pierce SmartLink RTU.

Standard features include a replaceable lithium battery and improved C-Clamp hotstick mount with automatic torque limiting which guarantees proper mounting on conductors with diameters from .2 to 1.2 inches.

The 1548 FCI incorporates choices of LED, Radio, Flag, or Strobe Light Fault Indication, Standard, Inrush or Adaptive Trip Circuit Logic and both Time and Current Reset Options.

The 1548 FCI is SmartLink™ ready for SCADA applications.

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