Oil Sampling Training, Transformer Oil Testing & SF6 Gas Testing

Whilst some aspects of training can be achieved remotely training in-person is more effective.
An off line transformer is required to conduct hands-on sampling practice under our direct supervision.
The suitable duration of the hands-on training session is typically 2-3 hours.
Cost for on-site training is a contribution to travel costs & time. Every endeavour will be made to share the training costs with others.

TJH2b would also like to offer any current customer a free online training session via Teams or Zoom meetings,
which can involve showing our 18 minute sampling video along with sharing other useful information associated with sampling and testing of transformers and tap changers.

Please note the following:
   •  The suggested duration for online training is 1 hour.
   •  The start time can be any time after 11:00 am (due to time difference with Australia).
   •  Any number of people from your company are welcome to attend the training session.
   •  The training session can be tailored to suit those involved in taking samples as well as those involved in reviewing and interpreting reports.
   •  Further details on the topics and speaker from TJH2b. (.pdf)

   One to one - Computer + screen with two way audio-video capability
   One to many - Audio – Video conferencing with audio-video voice activation