LVDrop – For Windows XP - Windows 11

LVDROP Evaluates Effect of Load Diversity on Voltages and Currents in Low/ Medium voltage networks
Use LVDROP for
  • Residential housing estate design
  • Industrial estate design
  • Mixed residential/ commercial/ industrial estate design
  • Optimizing cable sizes
  • Investigating voltage complaints from customers
  • Evaluating alternative distribution system designs and reviewing standard designs
  • Checking work of consultants
  • Electrical design education and training–tutorial,assignment or work group activities
  • Load balance assessment and checks

  • Features
  • Accurate – Uses a statistical approach which is more accurate than traditional methods
  • Easy to use – Takes only minutes to learn to use. Up to date PC software techniques makes the software truly user friendly
  • Flexible – automatically handles both radial and complex networks with loops and parallel sections.
  • Point loads at connection nodes as well as the conventional loads distributed along feeder segments
  • Individual Load power factors
  • More load types within a given study
  • Larger networks, there is no practical limit to the number of segments included in a study
  • Reads and analyses files created in earlier versions.
  • Single and 3 Phase calculations
  • Print Preview
       • New Print Function allows Preview before printing
       • Preview System Diagram with Legend
       • Conductor Lists Preview
       • Conductor Variable Lists Preview
       • Transformer Lists Preview
       • New Cost Summary – cost/metre of each segment
       • Results Summary Report
  • Free-Form Diagramming
  • Multiple Studies Open At Once
  • Multiple Transformers
  • XML System and Data File Format
  • Implements both Energex standard design procedures and ACTEW-AGL’s multistatisical, risk-assessed design procedures
  • Standard file format allows for interfacing to GIS systems
  • System Requirements
    • IBM compatible computer with Windows XP / Vista or 7.0
    • At least the minimum memory required by the operating system
    • Approximately 16mb Hard disk space
    • Printer or plotter (Colour preferred)

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